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“Much of the new album’s brilliance radiates no only from Hughes’ glowing cello playing, singing, and songwriting, but also the smoldering heat from Bottom Heavy, the band she’s been fronting for four years..” – JOHN MURPH, DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

“The polished production captures the album’s innovative sonic textures, but it’s Hughes solid song craft that seduces..” – NICK BEWSEY, COUNTING BEATS

“There is no genre in which Hughes isn’t at home….danceable, thought-provoking and entertaining album.” – TERRELL HOLMES, NYC JAZZ RECORD

“…deep musical roots at several levels of the game in her bloodlines…. Eclectic and sure handed…” MIDWEST JAZZ RECORD

“Superb new album….recommended for listeners longing for music that’s artistically rich and fresh.” – DAN OUELLETTE, ZEALNYC.COM

“Marika Hughes makes a joyful noise at the intersection of classical, jazz and experimental avenues on her solo outing . . . In her hands the sound melts with the warm tones and disciplined approach . . . her varied arsenal of sound, textures and approach is on display here, as is her voice . . . she croons an infectious blues” – Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

“Afterlife Music Radio – includes short, graceful, boiled-down pieces . . . through Ms. Hughes’s hands, it all holds together; it’s an amazingly unified record.” – Ben Ratliff, NYTimes